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Biodanza & Social Action

Biodanza & Social Action

with Angelina Pereira

Saturday & Sunday May 14-15, 2011

Teacher’s Training workshop open to experienced Biodanzers. Inquire about it!

“It is the development of our capacity to bond and love, and not simply a humanist ideology, that can foster substantial social transformation”, states Rolando Toro. According to the creator of Biodanza, only profound feelings of fraternity can lead to relevant social changes. For Toro, changes based simply in political action are merely external and the result is the replacement of a totalitarian regime for another, or a dominant class for another.

The effects of Biodanza in this area go beyond socio-economic improvement to incite deep transformation in the overall social bonding styles and to stimulate existential re-habilitation.

Understand how Biodanza can support human rights, assist ethno-minorities, empower social sectors victimized by exploitation, defend marginalized groups, and foster environmental protection with an expert with more then 30 years of experience on the subject.


Angelina Pereira is a social worker specialized in health and gerontology. Co-director of the São Paulo School of Biodanza, Brazil, and member of the International Biocentric Foundation Scientific Council, Angelina has been applying Biodanza with low income and at risk populations since the 80’s. Her goal is to foster the development of the human potential and to improve the quality of life in these groups.

Soja Martial Arts
2406 Webster Street
Oakland, CA

Fee for guests: $280

Includes class “Transcendence -- The Return to the Source”, on Friday May 13.

To register contact tim@biodanza.us

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